Curriculum Vitae



Nathan Purath is an artist and curator who lives and works in York, Alabama. Driven by the idea that art can play an integral role in realizing positive social change, his work blends modes of art, activism, organizing, and advertising.

As Co-Director of the Coleman Center for the Arts, Purath and his collaborator Shana Berger have developed an architecture for creating participatory projects. This framework offers artists and community members opportunities to work as co-participants in projects that address civic and social needs. Calling on models of contemporary art and consensus based organizing, projects are characterized by close collaboration with the community. Participants are directly involved in the process and outcomes of projects. Artists' initial work is open ended, exploratory, and collaborative, and precipitates larger projects that are a result of this socially engaged process.

Purath holds a BFA in photography from Indiana University. He is a founder of the Indiana artist group and organization Your Art Here, and currently works as Co-Director of the Coleman Center for the Arts. His work has been featured in Art Papers Magazine and on He is a recipient of an Alabama State Council on the Arts Fellowship.